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Los Angeles Domestic Violence Attorney

Charged with domestic violence?

Allegations of domestic violence are very serious and must be addressed by a skilled and proactive Los Angeles domestic violence lawyer as soon as possible. If you are arrested for alleged abuse you will face very real criminal charges that could have significant implications upon your relationships, reputation, career, and freedom. At Tyler & Wilson, LLP we understand how important it is that you receive smart legal counsel and relentless advocacy before the courts. By enlisting our proven defense team for your case, you will receive the exceptional and attentive represent you need and deserve.

Our firm builds compelling and comprehensive cases for our clients by thoroughly investigating the allegations made against them to prepare detailed defenses to present to the courts. We can help you protect your rights and challenge the accusations to ensure your voice is heard before the courts. No matter the types of charges you face, it is imperative that you enlist experienced defense for your case, and our team can help.

Enlist the Proven Representation You Need

Attorney Arthur Khachatourians has been helping the families in the greater Los Angeles for over seven years as an experienced Los Angeles domestic violence lawyer. As an attorney with Tyler & Wilson, LLP, he is adept at examining the case against you and developing a legal strategy that can produce a positive outcome. For any situation you may find yourself in regarding domestic violence, the firm is available to diligently represent you. Domestic violence affects thousands of families in the Los Angeles area. Such charges can ruin a family's future, disrupting spouses, partners and their children.

Sadly, many of these circumstances could have been prevented, however the legal system enforces mandatory jail time for any domestic call. When you have been charged with a domestic violence offense, contacting a knowledgeable lawyer is essential to safeguarding your rights, especially when it comes to your visitation rights for your children. Not only may a defendant face harsh criminal penalties upon a conviction, but he or she may also face loss of custody and the burden of living with a criminal conviction. Domestic violence convictions in particular may affect one's right to own a firearm and may also interfere with employment and educational opportunities.

Learn How Our Defense Team Can Help

A defense attorney at our law firm can provide experienced guidance and legal protection in the face of domestic abuse allegations or formal charges, as well as in the face of protective orders and restraining orders or an alleged protective order violation. Domestic violence cases may involve specific actions, such as infliction of injury, battery, sexual battery, intimidating a partner, criminal threats and stalking. We know how to approach charges involving any of these in order to determine the best possible defense for a client. We are also skilled in taking on cases related to domestic violence and children, such as child endangerment, sexual child abuse and physical child abuse as well as cases involving same sex domestic violence. When you work with us, you can trust that we will fight for you every single step of the way.

When it comes to domestic violence cases, there are numerous different types of abuse. The U.S. Department of Justice categorizes the abuse into five major types. The first type, physical abuse, is the most well-known. This could include hitting, pushing, punching, slapping, shoving, or kicking. It extends past physical acts towards someone to include denying medical treatment and forcing the victim to consume drugs or alcohol. The second type of abuse is emotional abuse. This includes verbal abuse like name calling and criticism as well as attempts to diminish the individual's self-worth. Sexual abuse is another form of domestic violence. This could be towards one's children or spouse/partner. When someone withholds access to money or denies them the rights to work, this could be a form of economic abuse. Lastly is psychological abuse. This uses fear, intimidation, and threats to control the victim.

Why is it important to have an experienced lawyer?

The consequences of a domestic violence conviction can be disastrous to your future in many different ways. Besides being jailed, you face stiff fines and mandatory batterer's treatment counseling program or anger management classes. You could lose access to your home if you have a protective order or restraining order served against you and be unable to see your children. If convicted of one of the more serious domestic violence charges, you could receive years in prison and be required to register as a sexual offender on state and national sex offender registries. With this on your record, it will be extremely difficult to find gainful employment or even housing that does not carry many restrictions.

While there are many instances of dangerous, detrimental domestic violence cases, there are also sadly those who use these types of charges unlawfully. Whether they accuse a family member of domestic violence due to jealousy, revenge or to gain the upper hand in a legal case involving family law, they will not take the crime seriously. Instead, charges of domestic violence become a weapon to use against the innocent. If you have been accused of domestic violence, you should not hesitate to secure the legal assistance and defense that you require from an experienced domestic violence defense lawyer.

Crimes of this nature are taken extremely seriously by law enforcement and courts alike, and you can be sure that they will be out for blood. You will be facing a ruthless, relentless prosecution, and you simply cannot leave your future up to chance in such harrowing circumstances. You deserve to be represented by someone who truly has your best interests at heart. Don't let your life be ruined due to what could be a simple misunderstanding. With the right legal representation from the firm, there are defenses we can use to seek to get your charges reduced or possibly even dismissed, or find alternatives to jail or prison time through negotiations with the prosecutor.

You can find out more information about specific penal codes below:

Contact a Los Angeles domestic violence lawyer today!

At our law firm, we protect clients who are facing serious domestic violence charges, including battery, criminal threats, physical child abuse, sexual abuse and sexual battery. We understand the severity of any domestic violence accusation, which is why we work in such a quick manner to challenge your case. In some high profile domestic violence cases, the media often becomes involved. As such, our firm will keep your case in confidence and do our best to remain silent on your charges to help reduce noise.

When you are facing serious domestic violence charges, much more is at stake than just your personal freedom. Your reputation, employment and financial situation may all be dramatically affected by a conviction or even just an accusation. Get the appropriate help you need today by calling our law office. As a firm that serves all Los Angeles criminal courts, we are able to represent your rights in an aggressive and competent manner. Call today to get a confidential evaluation of your domestic violence case. Contact a domestic violence attorney in Los Angeles today to find out how we can help.

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