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Child Endangerment in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Domestic Violence Lawyer

Children are our most precious resource and society takes special care in providing laws that protect children from those who would do them harm. Even a parent can possibly endanger their child under certain circumstances, which has resulted in strong regulations against caregivers who endanger their children. Although endangering a child is not considered child abuse per se, it still carries harsh penalties if a conviction occurs.

There can be many reasons that had nothing to do with endangering your child that placed them in a position of being in some type of danger. It is the task of your Los Angeles domestic violence attorney to determine the facts of the situation and develop a strategy that will show what actually occurred.

A conviction for child endangerment can seriously impact your life, especially as any harm to children carries a very negative connotation in today's society. Much notoriety is made of cases involving harm to a child, so acting quickly to defend yourself against any accusation is important. Contacting Tyler & Wilson, LLP to defend you in this situation could be crucial to the outcome.

Domestic Violence Lawyer Protecting Your Rights

Some situations that could be considered child endangerment can result from children being placed in a dangerous situation, such as drinking and driving with a child in the vehicle, using illegal drugs around a child, pornography, or domestic violence are all possible scenarios. A skilled attorney can show the court no intentional harm was done to the child and an error in judgment might have been the cause. Ensuring the court that any behavior appearing to endanger the child was a mistake and showing this will not occur in the future may help as a defense against such charges.

Every case demands a full review of the circumstances in order to determine what defense strategy will be most beneficial to your proceedings. Get the dedicated legal help you need to fight to overcome child endangerment charges by contacting a Los Angeles domestic abuse lawyer from Tyler & Wilson, LLP today to discuss your options.

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